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“Wokeness” or Toxic Masculinity: Embracing Masculinity Without Being Toxic

A Call for Men to Reclaim the True Essence of Masculinity 

In today’s society, there is an ongoing debate about the concept of ‘toxic masculinity’ and its effects on modern men. It has become a buzzword in conversations about gender issues, and many people are divided on the issue. On one side, there are those who believe that toxic masculinity is a sign of the ‘woke’ movement and is an attempt to control how men express themselves. On the other side, there are those who acknowledge that while toxic masculinity is an issue, it should not be confused with the essence of masculinity itself.

In order to understand this debate, it is important to define what toxic masculinity is and how it impacts men. Toxic masculinity is a set of behavioural norms associated with men that are considered to be destructive, socially and psychologically. These behaviours include suppressing emotions, dominating women, physical aggression, and competition for power. Such attitudes and behaviours can have a negative effect on men’s mental and physical health and can also lead to violence against women and femininity.

It is important to note that toxic masculinity is not an inherent trait of men, but rather a set of socially-constructed norms that are often perpetuated by society. This can be seen in various aspects of life, from pop culture to workplace norms. It is a result of a patriarchal society, in which traditional values of men as the breadwinners, leaders and ‘terminators’ are perpetuated and reinforced.

The issue of toxic masculinity has become increasingly contested due to its links with ‘wokeness’. Wokeness is often seen as a movement that is focused on issues such as gender, race and sexuality and is seen as a ‘politically correct’ way of thinking. While it is true that wokeness has brought attention to issues of toxic masculinity, it is important to note that there is a difference between the two. Toxic masculinity is a product of a patriarchal society, while wokeness is an attempt to challenge and dismantle this system.

The solution to this problem lies in men embracing their masculinity without being toxic. This means being aware of the destructive behaviours associated with toxic masculinity and refraining from engaging in them. It means being open to change and understanding the importance of creating an environment where men feel comfortable expressing their emotions. It means being respectful towards women, understanding that real strength does not come from domination or aggression. Furthermore, it means creating a space for constructive dialogue and educating one another on issues of gender.

Ultimately, it is up to men to reclaim their masculinity and reject toxic behaviours. Men can embrace their masculinity in a healthy and respectful way, without resorting to the toxic behaviours associated with it. While it is true that toxic masculinity exists and has significant consequences, it is important to remember that it is not an inherent trait of men and that it is possible to challenge and change these attitudes and behaviours. By taking responsibility and challenging the status quo, men can reclaim their masculinity and create healthier, more inclusive environments for everyone.
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