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4 Ways to Design Your Space to Attract the Right Partner

By Andrea LaRosa ( Matchmaker, Author & Podcast Host)

Guys, let me tell you, women will not date you if your space isn’t clean and inviting. It doesn’t matter how amazing you are, if your space is a nightmare she won’t be able to focus on you. She’ll focus on the issues of the house and forget how cool you are.  

Here are my 4 ways to be guaranteed a second date after she’s been to your house.

1. Keep it organized

Keeping counter tops free of clutter or night stands clean of debris will make your space feel bigger. It says that you like to take pride in what you surround yourself with, that includes the company you keep. If you’re the type of person who likes to throw bills in a pile or empty your pockets onto the counter then get yourself a nice junk drawer to do that instead. That way you can keep it out of sight
until you’re ready to go through them.

Here’s a secret, you can actually get away with cleaning less if your space is clutter free. Clutter will just accentuate the dirt because if you move something it’ll leave a dusty outline and then you HAVE
to clean.

2. Smells like love

The way your home smells is really important. Guys will spend hundreds of dollars $$$ on good cologne but you won’t spend $20 on getting some nice candles or plug air fresheners. Think of it this way, you go on a date and she smells you, yum! You smell amazing. 

The next date you offer to cook for her at your place. She remembers how amazing you smelled and can’t wait to get another hit of that sensual scent. She arrives at your house only to smell bad man BO. 

Think she’s going to sleep with you now? (Not that your end game is sex)

A nice calm aroma throughout your place makes a woman want to spend time there. She’ll find it inviting and calming to be around you.

3. Feels comfortable

Your space needs to be inviting for yourself and for others. Can she look at your sofa and think, “I’d like to Netflix and chill on that sofa”. Stand in the middle of your space and look around. What does it say about who you are? Is it inviting to your ideal partner? Will that person come into your home and want to immediately leave it or will they want to kick off their shoes, grab a glass of wine, and snuggle up with you.

Comfort allows you to be more authentic and less “on guard” during a date. It gives you the space to have those fun, deep conversations, and be vulnerable with your partner. If you want a partner who is ambitious, driven and independent, then she needs to see you can meet her at that same level. You don’t need expensive stuff but it needs to be decorated as a reflection of the man you are.

4. Says, “A real man lives here”

Ok not that I should have to mention this but just in case because I haven’t said it yet but you need to clean! Seems obvious I’m sure but does need to be said. A clean house tells her that you aren’t looking for a woman to cook and clean for you. Says that you are a real adult and handle your shit.

Hire yourself a house cleaner. You’d be surprised how affordable they can be nowadays and you don’t need them to come weekly. Try having someone come in biweekly or even once a month. I promise you, it’s a game changer!

A clean space says “a real man lives here”. Don’t you want her to see you as a high value man?

Oh and one last piece of advice for you guys. If you have a guest bathroom that might she might use, have two things in it:

- Plenty of toilet paper
- Trash can

Women wipe every time so don’t leave her having to air dry. Also, and this one might feel like TMI but too bad because it’s a reality, have a trash can. Women menstruate and just because she’s at your house doesn’t mean she’s about to have sex with you. So let her feel comfortable in your space.

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